Lady Marie Ashley

I love to be loved, I love to wake up between silk sheets. This society represses me and liberates me.The contradiction of the age. With silk on my body but ankles hidden from view. M’lady Victoria may wear her widow’s garb in public, but in private she paints male nudes. I prefer to be the one painted. One of the reasons my family first disowned me, my love of natural beauty. I found it first with one of the stable-boys…it was when I turned my eye to a footman that things got out of hand. Robbie would have understood, though mother never believed me ‘Robert was not as you keep asserting Marie. Now scrub the rouge off your cheeks, you look like you could be walking the streets. Though no doubt you someday will.” And that was how she stalked out. Soft curls bouncing along with her heavy bustle. God I hate bustles.


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