More Thoughts

I woke up this morning and felt the urge to dance. There’s a ball tonight but I do not doubt that everyone there will be tiresome. I’ll dance, maybe there’ll be a new foppish dandy-boy for me to entertain myself with. Ladies Camilla and Soames will probably shoot daggers all night, my closest allies last season have turned on me. But I know that Camilla’s maids don’t properly clean the sheets and Soames husband has definitely got gout.

Robbie used to always cheer me up at the dance. He’d dance with me over all the other girls. He found them boring as well. Just like my sisters he’d say. And he’d let me play cards with his friends. When I was little he’d sit me on his lap and whisper the cards he’d want me to play. Yeah. Robbie would have made tomorrow better.

I keep expecting to one day come across mother at one of these parties. But maybe the old witch has finally passed away. She never met George, despite hearing about the grandkids from my sisters. How they found out I’ll never know, but received so lovely cards from them inviting them to tea. What a disaster that was. George was angry when he came back from the house today. I had Annie make his favourite supper and put his slippers by the fire. I kept the boys away from him, they disappoint him. I disappoint him.

I’ll find myself a dandy to amuse myself tonight.


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