I am lost in a desert whirlpool that if I could only reach one hand out of I would be able to grasp the slither of cloth that is caught on the sighing winds as he runs from me.

He whispered in my ear. And now I am bewitched.


3 Responses to “Searching”

  1. ladyoctober Says:

    Tonight, I saw a veiled face amidst the shapes and shadows of the moon, and I knew that we must meet again soon.
    I will lay out the tarot for you, if you are truly ready for the images that may present themselves to me. It is diffucult to divine the future for those unwilling to acknowledge the possibilities that are exposed.
    Beware the Scribble Spectre, my lady, for he is a dangerous man and one whose presence should not be taken lightly. The gendarmerie will stop at nothing to capture him, and it may be unwise for a woman of your stature to become involved. Beware, for the future I divine for you is too important to be jeapardised by mere infatuation.
    Perhaps I will not have to long until we meet again?

  2. ladyoctober Says:

    Also, I will accept your invitation to the ball willingly. I am not adept at social gatherings, but for you, my lady, I shall be in attendance.

  3. missvioletedwards Says:

    My Lady,
    Please accept my sincerest thanks for your invitation. I
    am not accustomed to attending soirees, and am unsure how my presence shall enhance such an occassion.
    However, i would be honoured to attend, and most delighted to meet your sons.

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